AOI Comes Back and Makes a Top 100 List!

Libertarian Top 100 AOI made the “Top 100 Libertarian Websites and Blogs” list a few weeks back, while I was on my little work-induced hiatus. Thanks, and yet another impetus to keep on writing! I wonder if Secretary Napolitano and the folks at DHS are taking notice too, ha!

Over the past several months since I re-launched (after combining my two previous blogs I ran on Google’s Blogger), I have maligned the stimulus frequently, even pointed out that the government’s non-partisan watchdog declared the recession would end even without spending a deficit-digging $1 trillion; I derided early Obama administration plans (quickly shelved, apparently) to make public service mandatory; and I drew the ire of many Detroit Auto Industry backers when I stated that rather than bailing out the big three, the government should allow them to go bankrupt (in Chrysler’s case,  that looks like it is going to be win-win for everyone on all sides of the issue, since they received billions from the government AND are going bankrupt!). Occasionally I wrote about the beer I brew, too! It has been  fun to write here a few times a week, then sit back and read the comments that come in.

As stated earlier, I took a month off to focus on work, but it is great to be back. And with an award for the blog to boot! The blog is not standing still, either. AOI has now ventured into twitter; you can find the feed HERE. I’ve done just about everything else online, so I decided to bite the bullet and complete the circle with Twitter. The circle of unlife that is!

circle of unlife
The Circle of Unlife*

Thanks to all the people who stop by here regularly and read this blog, post comments,  or email me to see why the heck I am not manning the keyboard. Keep reading if you find the stuff here interesting, and if not, let me know, and bail out for greener pastures!

*Thanks to Hoyawolf, who posted the original,  non-defaced Circle of Unlife on, of all places, Facebook!


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