Rorschach is an Objectivist Saint?

Rorschach, in Fine Form

Rorschach, the Watchmen’s vicious, misanthropic, iconic antihero, was inspired by Ayn Rand? According to Brian Doherty he was:

Rorschach’s sense of justice may make him hate most of humanity—he brags to himself at the beginning that if mankind begged him to save them, he’d justly say “no.” But by the end he sacrifices himself in the name of avenging the deaths of millions who he doesn’t know. He does it for another reason as well, one of particular holiness to the Objectivist: the truth, the facts of reality.

To be the kind of man whose highest value is to “have lived life free from compromise,” as Rorschach says, makes that man “unreasonable” in the colloquial sense—that is, you aren’t going to be able to talk them in or out of much. You are going to find them abrasive, aggravating, and in circumstances like those the characters in Watchmen find themselves in, mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

But always, Rorschach judges as an individual mind, and judges individual minds. Rorschach is no handsome Rand hero as she imagined them; but he’s still probably the most vivid and well-thought-out Objectivist hero that Rand didn’t create.

Read the whole thing. And go check out the film tonight, too!

Post Script: Buy and read this book, too, if you get a chance; lots of other people are!


One thought on “Rorschach is an Objectivist Saint?

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