Five Questions for President Obama Tonight

UPDATE:  Here are Politico’s questions for the President. Not bad, we overlap a bit, too.

I like this quote from Senator Feinstein in the article:  “My advice would be next time the administration should write the bill, and not leave it to all the disparate odds and ends of the Congress.” Right on. Everyone seems to have come with a list of stuff they wanted to fund for this bill. 

The President will have a prime time press conference tonight; here are five questions I would ask him if I attended:

1. Mr. President, according to a report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the current recession is going to end and the economy is expected to grow later this year, even without the stimulus. Why are you putting so much effort into legislation to end the recession if it is going to end without the federal government pushing us deeper into deficit spending?

2. President Obama, sir, how will your administration avoid the pitfalls that other industrialized nations like Japan experienced when enacting similar large scale economic stimulus measures?

3.  Mr. President, Congressman Barney Frank recently discussed the possibility of regulating the pay and compensation of CEOs, even those not involved in the of the current bailout process; do you have a position on this, and do you think the Federal government should have a role in determining compensation for private enterprises?

4. Mr. President, after this package is passed, does your administration intend to ask for any additional funds beyond this bill to stimulate the economy or help troubled firms?

5. Mr. President, you have stated in the past that you are a comic book fan; do you plan to see The Watchmen on the March 9th premiere,  and if so, in the theater or a private screening? Does Rahm Emanuel remind you of Rorschach?

Come on, I had to have a throwaway, my first four questions are pretty darn good; I could have thrown in a literary reference like Mr. President, Who is John Galt? or something, but nerd pop culture was low hanging fruit. These five questions are likely better than some of the softballs or tripe that will be lobbed at the President tonight, in any case.


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