The Stimulus Bill is Here


The 70% Solution is in.

Someone posted the complete Senate “compromise” spending stimulus bill here, at

Here are some of the things that this “pared down” bill (which costs $7 billion more than the House version) pays for:

figures in the thousands

Agriculture: $5,109,430
Commerce: $21,513,000
Defense: $3,746,000
Energy & Water: $53,843,000
Financial & Gen. Govt: $10,762,000
Homeland Security: $5,076,700
Interior: $11,643,600
Labor, HHS, Education: $169,184,000
Military & VA: $7,428,295

By the way, in case you are interested, there are only three Republicans supporting this bill in the Senate, Senators Specter, Snowe, and Collins; their phone numbers are here:

Collins (202) 224-2523
Snowe (202) 224-5344
Specter (202) 224-4254

UPDATE: Emails and phone numbers for ALL of the Senators are located here.

Did you finish reading the hundreds of pages of the stimulus bill? Good. Feel free to learn about Japan’s stimulus misadventures during their lost decade. And check out Mickey Kaus’ exploration of how the bill will reward states for expanding welfare caseloads. Or peruse this interview in The Atlantic with Harvard Economist Robert Barro, where he states that the stimulus

is probably the worst bill that has been put forward since the 1930s. I don’t know what to say. I mean it’s wasting a tremendous amount of money. It has some simplistic theory that I don’t think will work, so I don’t think the expenditure stuff is going to have the intended effect. I don’t think it will expand the economy. And the tax cutting isn’t really geared toward incentives. It’s not really geared to lowering tax rates; it’s more along the lines of throwing money at people. On both sides I think it’s garbage.

And don’t forget, when all is said and done, this bill is OUR money that the government is planning to spend to kickstart the economy. Mind-numbing amounts of that money are going to things that are Seven-Degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon away from impacting the economy, if at all. Money for STD research? Repairs to the Commerce Department building?

If the government feels we all must chip in, we must DO SOMETHING to save the economy, rather than figure out the intricacies of gonorrhea it should send a $10,000.00  gift card to every American household ( equivalent to the amount of money this bill is going to burn through), and let us spend it; I would use  my part of the stimulus as a downpayment on a Challenger R/T, Keynesian economics be damned.

The Senate is poised to vote on this bill tomorrow, apparently.


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