I Should Not Listen To Britney Spears’ Music

What is Wrong With Me?

There is so much whacked stuff happening in the world I should write about. But my computer has been down for days,  I am slumming on our old desktop (sans photoshop, MS Office, et al) and hunched over a crappy little particle board table that strains my neck and turns banging out a thoughtful post into so much much torture. So, the hell with it, I am wasting time listening to music on YouTube. Britney Spears music, to be more specific.

Yes, I know, I should be writing about the bailout, or decrying nationalization proposals, since that is about 65% of my schtick, after all.

But sometimes I cannot help myself, I do really stupid things and I do not know why.

The fan video for Britney’s new song “If U Seek Amy” (and for more on that not very tricky title, read this) was on my YouTube home page for some reason, I clicked on it, and now I cannot get it out of my head. I’ve played it a whole bunch of times, the kids love dancing to it (even though the lyrics supposedly anger me), and I keep playing it and playing it. I don’t think I can stop.

Orwell would have understood the zone I am in right now, though.

In 1984, The INGSOC versificator churned out something that Orwell termed  prolefeed, mindless drivel to keep the masses content as they went about their dreary lives in service of the State; I bet the Party would have made good use of Ms. Spears, releasing catchy new Britney tunes after every heroic victory over Eurasia (or Eastasia, for that matter). The proles drank beer, too, instead of that horrid victory gin, by the way.  .  .

Arrgh, I played the video again while writing this post. Unbelievable! I went to college for God’s sake, how the hell could this happen? Ok, it was a state school, but so what.  .  .

Here it is, check it out for yourself. Or just surf on out of here, and play it safe. Your call. Thoughful posts coming soon, tolerate the banality a bit longer dear readers.  .  .


3 thoughts on “I Should Not Listen To Britney Spears’ Music

  1. Thanks for ruining George Orwell for me. His works is tainted now!!! Him and BS in the same post?

    COme to my convenience store. I’ll give you 20% of soap so you can wash your mouth out!

    Thanks for the post

  2. Thanks for reading, Ram! Any time I go down the pop culture route, I have to whip out a few contrarian connections, that’s all part of the schtick here.

    I liked your blog too, by the way. . .

  3. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry if I was harsh but BS brings out the worst in me and I think you deserved it!

    Enjoyed the post though and will be back for sure!

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