Borders Patrol

AOI took a short field trip to the local Borders book store today while picking up a bike at the repair shop and checking on the still-bluescreening gateway desktop that remains in the Geek Squad ICU. I haven’t been to Borders for awhile. After I ordered a cup of chai (which I should have bought at the nearby Starbucks since they apparently could use the business), I walked around to get a feel for the cultural zeitgeist. As Ann Althouse wrote about this weekend, there is an obligatory All Things Obama (ATO) shrine kiosk dead center of the store’s entranceway (there were three such ATO kiosks in Althouse’s Madison, Wisconsin Borders, while one kiosk suffices here in the suburbs of DC, apparently).

THE Place to Find Out About Obama
THE Place to Find Out About Obama

Borders even had that Gwen Ifill book that caused a bit of a stir a million years ago on the eve of the vice presidential debate, remember that? I stood around for awhile, but the ATO kiosk did not get a lot of play. Totally unscientific observation, of course, but it is simply hard to believe that even the people who really, really like the new President want to read so many books about him. Rather than drop sixteen bucks (during a recession no less!) for a picture -laden rapidly churned out Obama book, many ardent supporters are more more than happy to read thoughtful little snippets about the new President on progressive websites like Talkleft, Daily Kos, and, for free!

In another four or five weeks these Obama books will likely be moved to the “Current Events aisle, since Borders is a business, after all, while this display may get expanded and moved front and center:

Waiting For All Things Watchmen!
Waiting For All Things Watchmen!

The Watchmen film, as I have written about in the past, is set to premiere on March 9th, so mark your calendars. And read the graphic novel before you go to see it, too. It is still cheaper (for another two or three weeks, anyway) than all of those Obama books displayed in the ATO kiosks, after all.

Post Script. All pics courtesy of my new Blackberry Storm camera, which I am still getting the hang of, as you can tell!


3 thoughts on “Borders Patrol

  1. I’m glad you were giving your business to Borders instead of B+N. It’s a toss up whether they will be in bankruptcy or not by the time Watchmen premiere on 3/9.

    I worked there for awhile after leaving the army and bought a few shares last year only to watch them go to a penny stock . Like fantasy football, it doesn’t pay to be sentimental in the stock market.

  2. If it weren’t for the coffee bar I would probably never walk in a Barnes and Noble or Borders; I download most books onto a Kindle these days, or buy them via Amazon Prime.

  3. I wanted to name my firstborn child watchmen. But my wife ,in her eternal arrogance had the audacity to say “no” !!!

    Well hah 2 can play that worldwide conspiracy game. Wink wink. I said no to andrew! How do you like it ?!!?!?!?!?!

    Alas, my plan was foolproof until she quickly came up with her 2nd pick- Riley . I was spent, the previous Watchmen/andrew bloodbath left me spent and defensless. I yielded in my moment of weakness .

    But her victory left her open and primed for a name assualt no sane person could withstand! But I have tarried here to long . I can hear my 7 mo. Old daughter “roarschach comedian Wilson”in her crib. I had best go get her…..

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