Interlude: End of Prohibition, Cavemen, The Sounds!

Happy 75th anniversary of the end of Prohibition. Repeal Day is a holiday worth celebrating  if you believe in limited government, personal freedom, and most importantly of all, the ability of American society to recognize it has totally jacked things, man up, and set things straight. The only real way to celebrate it is to drink, too, so what is there not to love about today??  Tonight, in the spirit of the occasion, I am drinking some home-brewed wine a friend gave to me (since mine is not ready yet). Thanks, Scotty, it tastes great, especially as I am nearing the end of the bottle! So while I am getting a solid buzz (something unlawful 75 years and one day ago, I might add), it is a good time for a pop culture interlude. First, a few facts, though.

The Wall Street Journal had a great article today explaining the occasion:

Today is the 75th anniversary of that blessed day in 1933 when Utah became the 36th and deciding state to ratify the 21st amendment, thereby repealing the 18th amendment. This ended the nation’s disastrous experiment with alcohol prohibition.

The Americans who voted in 1933 to repeal prohibition differed greatly in their reasons for overturning the system. But almost all agreed that the evils of failed suppression far outweighed the evils of alcohol consumption.

Ladies Enjoying the Original Repeal Day, 1933
Ladies Enjoying the Original Repeal Day, 1933

The change from just 15 years earlier, when most Americans saw alcohol as the root of the problem and voted to ban it, was dramatic. Prohibition’s failure to create an Alcohol Free Society sank in quickly. Booze flowed as readily as before, but now it was illicit, filling criminal coffers at taxpayer expense.

Some opponents of prohibition pointed to Al Capone and increasing crime, violence and corruption. Others were troubled by the labeling of tens of millions of Americans as criminals, overflowing prisons, and the consequent broadening of disrespect for the law. Americans were disquieted by dangerous expansions of federal police powers, encroachments on individual liberties, increasing government expenditure devoted to enforcing the prohibition laws, and the billions in forgone tax revenues. And still others were disturbed by the specter of so many citizens blinded, paralyzed and killed by poisonous moonshine and industrial alcohol [note: Scotty, this wine isn’t industrial, right??].

When repeal came, it was not just with the support of those with a taste for alcohol, but also those who disliked and even hated it but could no longer ignore the dreadful consequences of a failed prohibition. They saw what most Americans still fail to see today: That a failed drug prohibition can cause greater harm than the drug it was intended to banish.

The article goes on to compare the catastrophe of prohibition with Drug policies in place today. A subject worthy of debate, but I must confess, in the spirit of Repeal Day, I have imbibed a bit too much to give the subject justice.

So, on to mindless pop culture. First stop, Cavemen. I love the Geico commercials with the cavemen. Yes, I would imagine the TV show sucked, since it came and went so fast, but the commercials are pretty funny. Caveman angst rules. I love the latest Geico commercial featuring these guys,  rolling up on their bikes and preparing to meet the ladies.

I love it! These guys are way too sensitive, they were totally IN!!!

Hey, that song in the background is pretty cool, right? I looked in the comments section and found out that the song is Don’t Want to Hurt You, by The Sounds. Here is a youtube link. Some PG-13 lyrics, so put the kiddies to bed.

By the way, the lead singer for the sounds, Maja Ivarsson, also sang in Cobra Starship for the unwatchable Snakes on a Plane soundtrack. The song is about the only redeemable part of this media disaster. Here’s the video. Bad Words again, you were warned.

As you can tell, the home-brewed wine is kicking in hard!

So no more music, here is some comic news. The Dark Knight comes out on DVD 9 December. Sure, we’ve all seen it like a million times, but maybe there’s some deleted scenes or something on the DVD  (Harleen Quinn counseling Joker at Arkham, or the Flying Graysons getting shaken down by the mob or who knows what??)

Four More Days!
Four More Days!

If you just can’t wait four more days (and don’t already have a bootleg copy that you bought at a bodega somewhere), what to do? Well, go here, and watch a couple of these fan films. They’re not perfect, but all of them are better than that George Clooney monstrosity, take my word for it.

My personal favorite of the fan films is Dead End, check it out:

All right, we come to the end of a long post, and the bottom of a sweet bottle of home-brewed wine. Happy Repeal day everyone, drink up, and good night.

One more thing, this is kind of funny:


5 thoughts on “Interlude: End of Prohibition, Cavemen, The Sounds!

  1. I had high hopes for Snakes; they needed to ratchet up the skin, and have more, uh, actual snakes, instead of fairly mediocre CGI effects.

    The song is pretty good though, as is the video!

  2. “Dead End” is a classic fan film–I wrote all about the crazy story of how they made it in my new book about the history and future of fan films, Homemade Hollywood, which is coming out in December in bookstores everywhere.

    Also, for what it’s worth,
    if you want to find out more about the world of fan films, you might want to check out my daily fan film blog,

  3. Clive,

    Thanks for your comment, and I look forward to checking out your book! I am also going to watch the League to night when I get home from work; maybe it will hold me over until March, When the Watchmen finally arrives!!!!

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