Who Watches the Watchmen?

UPDATE: This book is a new release, and gives fans of The Watchmen a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process that produced the original comic book. I already ordered my copy! You can read a little bit more about it here.

The new Watchmen trailer came out some time last night; have you seen it?

The Watchmen, soon to be released on film, is an acclaimed graphic novel written by Alan Moore. He also wrote V for Vendetta, which was turned into a decent film starring Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman in 2006 (Moore apparently didn’t like the screenplay that much, though).  Moore also wrote The Killing Joke, one of the most famous Batman graphic novels of all time.

The Watchmen was released in a 12-issue limited series beginning in 1986, and eventually compiled into a graphic novel format. The intensity of the story, depth of characters, mature themes and iconography made it one of the most popular series from this period, which was arguably the high tide of the comic genre. Moore’s gifted storytelling and compelling characters no doubt contributed to the enduring success of the comic medium, and themes explored in books like Watchmen and the Killing Joke have been mined repeatedly by screenwriters, novelists, and other artists ever since.

I bought several, but not all, of the original Watchmen issues when I was an avid collector back in the late eighties; they are probably in a box in my parents’ attic, underneath a couple of Bon Jovi cassettes and a Monster Manual.

Buy and read the graphic novel before you see the movie, it’s terrific. V and the Killing Joke are worth a look too, even if comics aren’t your thing.

Note: I blogged about the Watchmen movie almost three years ago; obviously I am going to be in the audience opening night, whatever it takes!


2 thoughts on “Who Watches the Watchmen?

  1. I don’t complain about the changes with the upcoming flick. The story needs to evolve and change with the times. The biggest noticeable change is they nixed the Soviet scare and the whole concept of the Cold War nuclear fallout and changed it to modern day terrorist extremist. But the two threats are very similar indeed. I believe Moore was right in not lending his voice to the movie after the arguments he had on V for Vendetta. I’m pissed about Silk Spectre costume which has been toned down but that’s just griping. Comics are some of the easiest to transform to films which has become popular as of late. The storyboards and camera shots are practically already scripted out in the panels. I’m pretty psyched for this movie also. Snyder did a decent job bringing back the macho with 300. Hail to the rise of comics in movies. I’m still waiting for a Sandman movie myself.

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