Now That the Election is Over. . .

Here’s some good advice from Glenn Reynolds.

And here are a few things I’m thankful to flush from consciousness as of last night:

1. The Mac is back!” Honestly, how many times can you stage comebacks before people start questioning why you were gone in the first place?!

2. The Obama Logo, its ubiquitousness, and the incessant chatter about hidden meanings and sinister origins.  Next time he runs, he’ll have the Presidential Seal as a logo, or maybe, never mind.  .  .

 3. Joe Six Pack/Plumber, et al.  There’s got to be some better Everymen out there, no?

4. The Weather Underground.  (And all hippies in general, but I live in D.C., so fat chance). If Barack Obama can move all of us past the 1960s and the dogmatic rice bowls of that era, he will have done the Nation a great service. And if not, I hope the Republican OPPO guys don’t find some Symbionese Liberation Army veteran buddy of his from Chicago, until after the 2012 elections  .   .   .

5. Al Franken?!?!?







UPDATE: Are you already bored in your cubicle, as surfing through politico, drudge, and RCP no longer has any meaning (for a few weeks, anyway)and at a loss for what to do?  Sure, the mystery of the electoral map has been solved, but there is more to the net than just politics;  here is a good article about the other things you can find on the web. Goodbye Election 08, hello World of Goo!


4 thoughts on “Now That the Election is Over. . .

  1. Hey Bob, I must say the new look is really neat! WordPress does rock, though I must say that its photo-uploading is a little tricky sometimes.

  2. Thanks Harry!

    SO far so good with WordPress. I needed a fresh start to re-energize, so hopefully I sustain my efforts this time out. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. By the way, this is Harrison from The Possum Bistro, in case you were wondering.

    I’ve been blogging on two separate sites like you did, and true enough, it’s demanding to have to sustain both! Trade-off that’s inevitable, I guess. So little time, so many thoughts to scribe.

  4. Harrison,

    Roger, I knew it was you; blogging/work is tough, I am going to tqake it one day at a time. . .

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