Polling, Perceptions and a Report from the Front Lines

Zombietime opines about the “meta campaign”, and correlates a pretty smart, Mr. Ed-like horse to the 2008 Presidential race. Interesting.

Mickey Kaus, in a post a few days ago suggests a Bradley like effect in the 2006 Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (can’t link to a Kaus post, it’s filed under Tues, 28 OCT), and implies that such an effect may exist in the ’08 election.

Pollster.com  data offers little hope for the McCain Campaign

IBD/Tipp poll seems to be the poll where McCain is losing by the least.

National Review finds some (not so reassuring reasons) for optimism, and Bill Kristol is alarmingly cheerful.

Meanwhile, some anecdotes from the front lines in Northern Virginia: two Obama contact teams stopped by my house (on Saturday and Sunday) to ensure I was going to vote, and asked me to vote for their candidate; either they are saturating the area or they are not coordinating effectively to maximize coverage, probably a little of both. This morning, there were teams of Obama volunteers in the Franconia Springfield Metro station, decked out in full Obama regalia, handing out fliers and encouraging people to vote (for Obama); meanwhile, one lone volunteer hoisted his “Vets 4 McCain” sign in the mix at the station. Some catcalls back and forth between the Obama volunteers and Metro riders who were McCain supporters.

All in all the Obama ground game here in VA has been impressive this fall, and McCain presence marginal to nonexistent.


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