Hello, visitors, and welcome to the Acre of Independence!

My name is Bob Wilson, and this is the start of my blog. Or rather, it is the re-boot of my old blogs under a unified theme. I used to run a political commentary blog, as well as a sustainable living site; I focused mostly on the former, and the latter atrophied into a showcase of my expansive North Carolina backyard (all Acre, no Independence!). After awhile the two blogs drifted far apart, and it became difficult for me to focus on them with the limited time I had. A few long term military deployments, the arrival of baby number four, and a move up I-95 to the D.C. area finally put the stake in the heart of my blogging endeavors ( The old blogs still exist though, and you can see where I was coming from here and here).

Until now.

The Acre is going to be all about freedom, independence, and liberty, and the baby steps taken to get there. You’ll find posts here on sustainable living, socio-political commentary, gardening, home brewing, and a little bit o’ pop culture, because I just can’t help myself.

I have my own domain now of course, and so far WordPress rocks.

So, welcome once again to the Acre of Independence. Travel through early and often, and keep me honest and interesting.


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